Fig Fable is a synth-expanded piano trio accompanying the three-octave crossover soprano of Lubena Nova, who combines the classical sound with lighter shades in her singing. Musically the band treads its own path somewhere between fusion jazz and progressive rock.

Besides Lubena, the band consists of piano virtuoso Ville Vihko, drummer extraordinaire Karri Kerkelä and composer-multi-instrumentalist Jari Riitala, wearing his bass player hat.

In 2012, the first incarnation of Fig Fable released the EP “Please! Do Not Pick The Fig!”, composed by the band’s then pianist Hannu Hiltula to Lubena Nova’s poetry. After having already faded out, the band was reborn in late 2019, and there is enough new material composed by Riitala to fill more than a full-length album. However, a few further iterations of musicians have been required, and because of that, only one new track is currently out in public: the 2021 jazz ballad “Sailing Away”, recorded with previous members of the second coming of the band.