About us

Promoting Afro-Brazilian Culture and Jazz, the Bossa Jazz Festival is an annual celebration held in Pargas, the capital of the archipelago. This year, we are thrilled to expand our festivities to Turku, offering a unique Bossa Nova jazz brunch featuring DJ Felix Manell and a live concert by the United Jazz Trio.

The Bossa Jazz Festival is the only festival in Finland dedicated to Bossa Nova and Jazz. It embodies my lifelong love and passion for Bossa Nova, jazz, and Afro-Brazilian culture, which began almost four decades ago. Over the years, this passion has grown and evolved, culminating in the creation of the Bossa Jazz Festival. This festival is not just an event; it’s a dream realized—a vibrant celebration of the rhythms, melodies, and cultural richness that have profoundly influenced my life.

Join us in celebrating the beautiful fusion of Bossa Nova and jazz, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture that makes the Bossa Jazz Festival truly unique.

Komi Gassou (Bossajazzfestival Executive Director)